machine learning

My main interest is the application of machine learning methods, in particular neural networks (deep learning) to the classification and detection of images (computer vision) with different academic and industrial goals.

Current projects and collaborations:

Web Content classification

with Dr. Anton Akusok (Arcada UAS) and F-Secure.

In this project we develop a python library for wepage classification that uses deep learning methods.

Detection of forgery signatures

with Assistant Professor Ruben Dario Acosta (EAN University, Colombia).

In this project we study different mathematical and computational methods for the detection of off-line forgery signatures.

Classification of amphipoda crustaceans

with Dr. Liliana Espinosa (University of Concepcion and Millennium Institute of Oceanography , Chile).

In this project we collaborate in the development of computational methods for the classification of deep waters zooplankton from the Eastern South Pacific.